BariToned, starring Joe Hager, Edward Miskie, and Brian Krinsky, with music direction, and arrangements by Dan Pardo; concept by Edward Miskie, is a farcical concert trio that will dazzle your senses, and send vibrations through your ears, heart, and possibly nether-­‐regions as they take you on a whimsical journey through the tough broads and loose women of musical theatre with their premier show “I Hate Men”. You will chortle until you can chortle no more.“BariToned: I Hate Men” is roughly 50 minutes, and can flux between a five-­‐piece band, or simply piano and vocal; nothing is lost from the show regardless of its instrumentation presentation: the shows, and the sexy, stay the same.

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Edward Miskie creator, founder, producer, and head of BariToned cast is also the author of Cancer, Musical Theatre, & Other Chronic Illnesses. As a cancer survivor himself, Edward discusses cancer survivorship, treatment, the medical industry, and life after cancer with any organization that supports such resources. To learn more about Edward Miskie’s book click here.
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