Visions of America

Visions of America (VOA) is a groundbreaking multimedia celebrations of America. Combining the words and philosophies of America’s founders with sublime imagery and original symphonic music, VOA presents a compelling visual-musical portrait of democracy. In encountering the landscapes, cityscapes, small towns and rituals that define us as a people, the audience realizes that it is this generation of Americans that is the recipient and caretaker of the founders’ Visions of America. Photographer Joseph Sohm’s images which are published daily around the world in magazines such as National Geographic, Newsweek and Time, are projected onto a large screen behind the orchestra. Legendary musician Roger Kellaway provides the musical score and arrangement, and lyrics are written by renowned songwriters Alan and Marilyn Bergman. Famed American actor Clint Eastwood also provides narration to the Visions of America experience.

“The orchestra swelled, soared and deftly accommodated itself to the moods of the ‘visions’…”

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Visions of America: The Motion Picture
Visions of America: The Motion Picture is a groundbreaking, multimedia portrait of American civilization. Clint Eastwood narrates photo-historian Joe Sohm’s thirty-year search for America in a compelling film that interweaves Sohm’s award-winning images with the music of Grammy-winning, Oscar-nominated composer Roger Kellaway, and the lyrics of Oscar-Grammy-Emmy-winning lyricists Alan and Marilyn Bergman. With vocals by Grammy-winning performers Patti Austin, Steve Tyrell and Judith Hill, Visions of America reminds all of us – Democrats, Republicans, and independents – of all that is good about America.  Check back here for updates and announcements on production and scheduled release!

“Joe Sohm’s striking images are captivating, projecting awe as they floated by…Clint Eastwood’s seasoned voice projected the enduring spirit and democratic unity of the nation…” -The Ventury County Star

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